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with The Mersquad Team

Setting The Standard...

Explore The Bahamas with The Mersquad Yachting, we are a private tailor-made luxury experience agency providing services that help both crew and owner onboard the vessel, adventure travel seekers and those visiting wanting to experience an authentic curated adventure based on an off the beaten exploration. 

We pride ourselves in being experts in The Bahamas yachting, and scuba diving industry, not only providing services for those cruising throughout our islands but also training local and international industry professionals, on how to be efficient in our waters with a keen eye for detail and professionalism.

With insight on local marina's, cruising laws and regulations, fishery regulations, cruising permits and itineraries, provisioning, travel and transportation locally, crew exterior and interior, dive industry professionals, private boat rentals and more feel free to explore the beautiful and captivating 700 islands of The Bahamas.

Why Choose The Bahamas

Proximity to the USA 

  • 30 Minute Flight from Miami International Airport (6 million people visit The Bahamas every year!)
  • All Major airlines fly into LPIA, 17,000 people arrive here every day. 
  • The Mersquad Yachting delivers Yachts and Small Pleasure Craft vessels should you wish to navigate in our waters with little to no experience. Our knowledgeable delivery team can deliver from anywhere within the USA, Caribbean and South America. 
  • It roughly takes about 3 - 6 hours to get into Bahamian waters weather permitting.
  • LPIA (our airport) is the 4th busiest airport in the Caribbean. 


  • Our weather is great all year round with highs of 90F/32C and lows of 64F/17C
  • Sunny all year round, 300+ days of fun in the sun which means "where all the beaches at  😆 for summer bodies and sun kissed tanning."


  • Our Country is and has been a shark sanctuary from 2011 - deeming it the shark capitol of the world, the only place in the world to have over 10 or more different species of sharks living and migrating through our warm waters. 
  • There are 30 national land and sea parks in The Bahamas (Marine Protected Areas by law) 
  • Andros Island is home to over 35 + blue holes and there are more spread throughout The Bahamas Islands. We currently have the highest concentration of blue holes in the world. 
  • Home to the third largest barrier reef in the world. (visit Andros Island) 
  • Largest underwater cave system - 40 acres (16ha) on the south coast of Grand Bahama, Lucayan National Park was created to protect one of the largest underwater cave systems in the world.
  • The Tongue of the Atlantic Ocean runs through The Bahamas and in some areas dropping off to 6500ft -9000ft.

Adventure and Uncharted Exploration

  • We are known for the swimming pigs - there are a few beaches in The Bahamas that inhabit pigs that swim. 
  • Diving has endless possibilities here, wrecks, sharks, blue holes, carverns and cave diving, drift diving, and wall diving there is a little bit of everything for everyone. We are known to have the clearest waters in the world with visibility over 200ft below sea level. 
  • The chain of islands boasts endless adventure by boat or by plane, however by boat if visiting Nassau, the most popular and closer in proximity are The Exumas Cays and Eleuthera/Harbour Island. Theses islands are rich in peace and serenity and a gentle eight-hour boat ride of the best scenery The Bahamas has to offer.
  • The capital of The Bahamas was once a pirate stronghold. All built during the 1700's. Fort Fincastle was built to protect against pirates in 1763.
  • An adventure isn't complete without the bold taste of history - John Waitlings Rum Distillery 


  • The locals, the heart of the The Bahamas, warm and welcoming we do make the experience. 
  • The Bahamas wouldn't be authentic without its people who take pride in entertainment and hospitality. 
  • Our culture, our food and lets not forget our music! We'll teach you how to dance, sing and have a good time. 
  • There are 300+ hotels and resorts in The Bahamas
  • Playing golf on one of our championship courses is the most sort out thing to do while visiting the islands. 

Your Peace of Paradise 

  • It's Better in The Bahamas in every aspect, there are over 2000+ beaches to choose from some with pink sand.
  • Fine Cuisine - you must taste a conch salad, drink a Switcha and sip a sky juice. 
  • The Purest of Vibes - Junkanoo in June, Boxing Day and New Years. 
  • Art Galleries with rich Bahamian history, and folklore.

The Bahamas is a sovereign country and an archipelago of over 700 islands, islets, and cays (low-elevation islands composed of sand, coral debris, or limestone - also known as "keys"). It is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Florida, northeast of Cuba, and northwest of the island of Hispaniola. Image by Peter Hermes Furian / Alamy Stock Photo. Source

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