Hull Cleaning

We understand your boat or yacht is more than a vessel; it represents your passion for the open sea and a significant investment. A reliable hull cleaning service is essential to maintaining the performance, aesthetics, and value of your yacht. 

State of the Art Technology

Our company uses innovative technology and the RS machine to clean yacht hulls. Our team has undergone extensive training to ensure that every cleaning session with the RS machine is carried out with precision and care. This state-of-the-art technology sets us apart from traditional hull cleaning methods, guaranteeing exceptional results.

Unmatched Performance 

With the RS machine, we can achieve unparalleled performance that surpasses traditional cleaning methods. The machine's innovative design and advanced cleaning techniques remove even the most stubborn marine fouling, ensuring a spotless hull and optimum hydrodynamics. Experience smoother sailing, increased fuel efficiency, and improved overall yacht performance.

50% Faster Service Time

Our use of the RS machine allows us to cut down the hull cleaning service time by an impressive 50%! Compared to someone using traditional cleaning methods with scrapers and hand tools, we can complete the work in half the time without compromising on the quality of the cleaning.

Eco-Friendly Solutions 

The Mersquad Yachting places a high value on environmental responsibility. The RS's cleaning process is eco-friendly, utilizing gentle yet effective methods that avoid harmful chemicals and excessive waste. It is our commitment to preserve the environment and maintain the immaculate appearance of your yacht.

Warranty Support:

Our team comprises experienced and certified professionals passionate about yachts and maritime maintenance. With their expertise, your yacht is in safe hands, and each project is handled with utmost care.

Why Choose Us

Certified Expertise: 

Our team comprises experienced and certified professionals who are passionate about yachts and maritime maintenance. With their expertise, your yacht is in safe hands, and we handle each project with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Quality Service: 

Our primary goal is to exceed your expectations. We take pride in our track record of satisfied clients who have witnessed the remarkable transformation of their boats or yachts after our hull cleaning services. Your satisfaction is our driving force.

Time & Efficiency:

Owning a boat or yacht comes with expenses, and we understand that your time is valuable. The RS machine speeds up the cleaning process, saving you time and money. You'll benefit from prompt and efficient services without compromising on quality.

Customised Solutions:

We recognize that each boat or yacht is unique, and so are its cleaning requirements. Our team tailors our services to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your boat or yacht receives the personalized attention it deserves.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and witness the difference we can make for your beloved boat or yacht.

We look forward to assisting you with all your Hull Cleaning needs and providing you with exceptional service from our innovative hull cleaning methods at The Mersquad Yachting.

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