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Protecting What's Yours

We believe that your home is more than just a place; it's a reflection of your dreams and aspirations. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to elevate your living experience to new heights, providing you with the freedom to embrace life's moments while we take care of every detail.

Leave the complexities behind, and immerse yourself in a life of effortless living.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Home

Home Care & Management: Entrust your home to our experienced team for meticulous care, maintenance, and peace of mind.

Hurricane Preparation & Recovery: Safeguard your home against nature's fury and ensure swift recovery after a storm.

Staff Management: Efficiently manage your household staff with our professional staffing solutions.

Relocation Assistance: Make moving a breeze with our expert relocation assistance services.

Smart Home Integration: Embrace the future with cutting-edge technology, making your home smarter and more convenient than ever.

Lavish Living Inside and Out:

Housekeeping & Deep Cleaning: Immaculate spaces and unparalleled comfort await with our thorough housekeeping and deep cleaning services.

Landscaping & Pest Control: Transform your surroundings with exquisite landscaping and enjoy a pest-free oasis.

Pool Service: Dive into relaxation with crystal-clear waters and expert pool care.

Project & Construction Management: Let us bring your vision to life, managing projects from concept to completion.

Experience the Freedom of Luxury Living

Boat & Yacht Care Services

Owning a boat or yacht is an indulgence, and we recognize its significance. Our team of skilled professionals offers meticulous care and maintenance services, ensuring your maritime treasure remains in pristine condition and ready for your next adventure. Routine servicing, starting and fuelling, haul cleaning and maintenance, rinse downs and weekly detail reporting.

We Specialise in Certified Mercury Marine Repairs & Maintenance 

Vehicle Care & Maintenance

Your vehicles deserve the highest quality care. Our vehicle care and maintenance services cover everything from routine servicing to routine detailing, car starting, and tire pressure checks, ensuring your prized wheels stay immaculate and reliable. 

Provisioning & Concierge Services

With our provisioning and concierge services, you can enjoy an elevated living experience. From stocking your home with gourmet provisions to arranging exclusive experiences, we cater to your every desire, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

Concierge Services we offer but not limited to: 

Luxury Vehicle Rentals, VIP Private Transport, Private Jet & Seaplane, Private Boat Charter, Lifestyle Reservations and much more.

  Official Concierge Page Click Here

Official Private Boat Charters Page Click Here

Reclaim Your Time - Embrace the Extraordinary: With us by your side, you can focus on what truly matters - creating memories and cherishing the moments that make life special. We take care of your home, so you can embrace a lifestyle of luxury and freedom.

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Call 242 -816-2739 or 📧 Email Info@themersquad.com to experience the exceptional care and dedication we bring to every home and yacht we manage. Let The Mersquad Yachting be your trusted partner in creating a haven of comfort, elegance, and peace for your cherished home. Welcome to a new standard in home care and yacht management.

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